Connects2 Tarsus Partnership

Monday, September 8, 2014 - 15:15

Connects2 are pleased to announce a new partnership with Tarsus/AAITF.  Connects2 are a UK based company specialising in aftermarket integration.  AAITF is an ideal partner with its worldwide coverage and network of exhibitions.

Connects2 as a company was established in 1999, with large aspirations. By 2000, the company had developed a CD-changer interface to meet high market demand, and the product was a resounding success.

What began as a business distributing products across the UK has, a decade and a half later, become a worldwide presence with over one-hundred members of staff, connections in more than eighty countries and a range of products to provide optimum solutions and integration for 95% of the cars currently on the road.

Through the years, the range which Connects2 offers its customers has been expanded, crafted and evolved to incorporate new technology and trends to keep products fresh and innovative.  With the ever increasing complexity of vehicle integration, Connects2 has the expertise to develop solutions for OEM and aftermarket manufacturers where others cannot.  Connects2 is a preferred supplier to many leading head unit brands worldwide and this is testament to its high skilled, world leading development team, marketing and sales teams.

Connects2 operates as a developer and global distributor of Automotive multimedia products and installation solutions, specialising in delivering working products to fit specific customer needs and vehicle applications not covered by mainstream providers. The company develops many of the products it distributes from scratch, both hardware and software, meaning it is well practiced in producing new products for vehicles outside of its current product range.

Connect2’s network of dealers and distributors covers the whole UK and it operates across the globe, with over 200 distributors in over 80 countries.